Stages and Facts about Alzheimer’s

It is said that Alzheimer’s disease or its beginning symptom, Dementia, affects 1 in 3 seniors in the US. Senior people would dearly hope to be healthy throughout their lives, even as the mind may differ sometimes. The Alzheimer’s symptoms are extremely common and nipping them in the bud is essential. Below are the three stages of Alzheimer’s, which are commonly found among aging seniors.

Stage 1: The Mild Dementia

The beginning stage of Alzheimer’s disease is memory loss, sometimes even personality changes. Memory loss is termed Dementia as an umbrella term in medicine. Forgetting family background, close ones, or names of affiliates that the seniors knew occurs due to a memory lapse. Even a poor performance in a math equation may point fingers toward the mild state of Alzheimer’s.

Stage 2: The Moderate Alzheimer’s

In the moderate stage, the lapse in memory gets deeply profound. This is precisely when seniors start to call for help even to do daily activities such as getting dressed up or bathing. The easiest way to spot moderate Alzheimer’s is to watch seniors from close quarters. Are they showing impatience or getting easily irritable? If so, you need to take special care for dealing with them.

Stage 3: The Final Phase

There is no stage three as such. Severe is when Alzheimer’s really gets exposed to the outside world. When diagnosed with severe Alzheimer’s disease, the seniors get extremely dreary and impatient. They may become silent in due course and even refuse to eat due to difficulty in swallowing. Getting loved ones in perfect sync would become difficult, and you will need the assistance of Alzheimers in-home care services for managing the seniors.

Care the Alzheimer’s Sufferer

Being in a familiar environment would provide better comfort to those suffering from Alzheimer’s. What is better in a prolonged condition except the love given at home? Being in an unfamiliar state of mind requires familiarity for seniors suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Hence, in-home care would be the best option to help them stay mentally and physically strong in their golden days.

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