Understanding When They Need Senior Care

Old age invites a careful life in all aspects. Parents stay strong throughout their lives, but when old age sinks in, they become dependent on their fellow beings. Does your aging parent depend on you to keep hygiene? Do they insist on taking medicines all the time? Well, that is clearly a sign of a lapse in memory perhaps or an indication of a decreased dependence. Below are three other signs that indicate your parents are aging beyond self-dependence and they need proper and professional senior care.

An Unattended Home is an Achilles Heel

As parents get older in due course, they tend to realize an Achilles heel in themselves in relation to the surrounding environments. House maintenance is one of the things which in-home care takes into account from time to time. Parents prone to sleep walking wouldn’t want dirty floors, stained carpets, or an unattended home in totality. Neither do they want to walk through a clutter of home staples, which might have happened due to a complete lack of care.

A Sudden Disinterest in Doing Regular Hobbies

This is considered to be a possible sign of old age depression which comes and goes naturally. This is a simple situation, which could be tackled by engaging your parent into their regular hobbies. Look for subtle symptoms of old age depression such as waning spirits or lack of energy to move around. Do what you can to lend help or seek assisted senior care.

Disengagement to Life Around

Anything such as bumps and scratches or even wrinkles on the face could be a sign of old age. Children don’t wear a poker face to all such situations; they simply report the same to their parents. Contact senior care if you happen to notice a complete disengagement of your seniors toward the life around them such as pets, or even children.

When to Seek In-Home Care

The answer is when seniors continuously fail to do their daily chores and it becomes difficult to manage them on your own. Have a candid discussion with your parent regarding what and all old age problems they face at the moment. It can be difficult to ask for some people, but at times just a simple “how are you?” might do it at the end of the day.

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